Abstract submission
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Important deadlines
May 2015: Call for abstracts ON LINE
15 October 2015: Deadline early registration   
1 October 2015: Deadline submission of ORAL abstracts
15 October 2015: Oral Abstract review ready
30 October 2015: Notification of  acceptance/rejection
1 November 2015: Deadline submission of POSTER abstracts


The Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the Scientific Program. All abstracts have to be submitted through the website of the Cancer Epigenetics Conference (www.cancerepigenetics.org) and must conform to the general guidelines for submission. Abstracts submitted via online submission module. The online abstract system will take you step by step through the submission of your abstract. After having submitted your abstract you will receive a confirmation page.

1. The Scientific Committee will only accept original scientific material, which has not been published before 2015. However, abstracts presented at local, regional or national meetings may be submitted.
2. Abstracts should be submitted in English.

Format - layout
The abstract MUST be between 200 and 400 words in length (excluding title and author details).The format of the abstract is flexible, but should contain information on the aim of the work, methods, results and conclusions. A statement that “the results will be discussed” is not acceptable. Do not use subheadings (methods, results, etc.). Tables, graphs and figures are NOT allowed.

Firstly, please note that abstracts are not edited after approval. Therefore, we advise you to proofread your abstract carefully before submission, since it will be printed exactly as submitted.
Also, once the abstract has been reviewed, changes to the abstract cannot be accepted. If an error is subsequently identified, you are free to withdraw your abstract if you wish. During the abstract-upload process, you will need to list all co-authors for your abstract.
ONE MORE TIME, please note that, after an abstract has undergone review and has been accepted, we cannot accept any changes in authorship, titles or the content of the abstract etc. Research communications are automatically rejected without further scrutiny if they:
•Are not submitted on-line
•Are received after closing date (Oktober 1, 2015)
•Contain fewer than 200 words (excluding title and author details)
•Exceed 400 words in length (excluding title and author details)
•Are published or accepted elsewhere
•Are not written in scientific English
•Are too preliminary in nature or are deemed to be of low scientific quality
•Contain tables, graphs or figures
•Are deemed to be unethical
•If you should have any questions, please contact the congress secretary

•DNA methylation
•Chromatin biology
•Epigenome mapping
•Epigenetic therapy